Anto Cale

Anto is the keyboardplayer, pianist, composer.Anto loves to compose electronic music. His interest for the piano grew when he was around 10 years old when he started to play the first notes and with much enthusiasm the first projects came to live.
At the end of the 70's he started to study jazz piano and harmony at the school "Nuova Milano Musica" created by the Maestro Franco Cerri and new horizons opened up and the ideas became music.
His mood makes him really never satisfied of the things he creates but always brings him to develope new things so, in the 80's he started to experiment a total new music style: electronic music. The love for the computer and new tecnologies helped him to get closer to this genre.

The 90's are dedicated to the Reggae music and other kind of music called "of the sun" to have fun together with the still playing band GOSS.
Influenced by bands like Tangerine Dream, Enigma but also the, most famous progressive bands like Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Marillion he is really a 360° music lover and this passion is put in his own music creating various genres of original UKD tunes.

Anto works everyday with computers as we said so he is also the creator of all the videos, website, blog and the whole stuff around UKD and his elegant style is a trademark for the band that created in this way a unique high quality level way to work. He has also a beautiful voice and sometimes u are so lucky to hear him sing some covers and of course some chorus on the original UKDsongs.

In the new millenium the creativity has been growing more and more and all this takes us to wait for the third album of the UKD Projectthat is already on the run.

Visit Passions by Anto for more info.


From 1996 - 2006 several Greeneyes Projects
2006 "Passions by Anto"
2007 "Beyond Two Worlds" (Rockhattle music)
2009 "The Moon and the Water" (Rockhattle music)

From thousand years also the keyboard player of the reggae band the "GOSS"

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